Our story starts in space.

The beauty of the earth seen from above.

Smiling couple embracing against yellow brick wall.

“Nature has the power to heal because it is where we are from, it is where we belong and it belongs to us as an essential part of our health and survival.”

– Nooshin Razani

For 37 years as an engineer, our founder Roy Wiseman had an in-depth view of space. But that vantage point of the galaxies only further developed his perspective of life on earth and the incredible mechanisms of the planet itself. Our world is innately filled with healing properties. The cold water of an icy lake, the red light at dawn, the negative ions of the ocean all provide sources of restoration and healing for our ailments. Roy had come to understand pain himself after years of running marathons, and high-endurance activities took a toll on his body. Faced with severe osteoarthritis, Roy’s orthopedic doctor said that hip replacement surgery and opioids were his only options. A year later, he lost a kidney, and those options for pain management were quickly becoming fewer and more complicated. A practice as natural as cryotherapy seemed too good to be true for someone in his position. Could something old as light and pure as the cold have a remedy we’ve underestimated? Have we overcomplicated how we heal? After Roy and his wife Tess witnessed the steady and gradual decrease of his pain level with each passing week, a passion for sharing was born. Less than a year later, the first Aurora location was opened as a place of hope, healing, and joy in helping others here on earth.

The many testimonies amongst our team and clients only further illustrate that, at Aurora, this is about our greater human story, the way we harvest health and draw from the source. At Aurora, we are reconnecting, harnessing the healing powers of the elements, adapting our methods in a modern world. Because more and more we’re starting to remember: we’re made for this.