IV Vitamin Drip Therapy

A selection of IV vitamin infusions and therapeutic injections by our partners at Thrive Hive Health, a licensed and insured IV service, operated by certified nurse practitioner, Erin Chambers.
IVs administered by Erin Chambers, NP and Gina Chambers, RN.

What Is IV Vitamin Drip Therapy:

When water isn’t enough, Intravenous (IV) therapy is one of the fastest, most effective ways to replenish the body with electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients. These are introduced directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system for 100% bioavailability. IV Drip Therapy provides optimal rehydration, restoration of vitamin deficiencies, and relief of systemic inflammation.

Benefits May Include:


  • Immunity boost
  • Improved circulation
  • Hydration
  • Recovery
  • Energy

What to Expect:

Be sure to wear a short sleeved or loose shirt that will provide easy access for your IV Drip. If you are currently taking any medication, please follow your regimen as prescribed by your doctor. It is also recommend that you hydrate prior to your service. After a basic health check, a team member will escort you to your treatment room where one of our nurses will consult with you about your health goals. This treatment takes up to an hour.

IV Drip Menu

Basic hydration drip | $99

1 liter of fluids + B vitamins to bring you back to life.

Clarity & energy drip | $170

A mix of vitamins and amino acids focused on waking up the cells in your brain and body tissues, increasing circulation, and promoting mental clarity.

Fatigue drip | $205

Specific vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to give you a calm energy, allowing you to charge ahead without downtime from exhaustion. ideal after busy schedules or travel.

Natural immunity drip | $175

A bounty of immunity heavyweights including a high dose of vitamin C, zinc, and engystol, a unique homeopathic additive that activates and enhances white blood cell activity. includes additional immune-boosting minerals.

Queen bee beauty drip | $205

A concoction of vitamins to enhance your glow, including biotin, B-complex, and vitamin C. this drip finishes with a glutathione push which can lighten and brighten skin, including hyperpigmentation. consider adding alpha lipoic acid which reduces inflammation and skin aging.

Weight loss drip | $235

An intense mix of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids proven to help break down and clear fat; lipo MIC which consists of amino acids that burn fat, control appetite, and increase energy; and a glutathione push, as it breaks down and purges fat.

Anxiety / depression drip | $225

B vitamins to support your fragile nerves and give you energy, minerals to make that energy a comfortable, calm energy with mental clarity, and antioxidants to clear away oxidative stress.

Athletic prep & recovery drip | $265

A powerhouse of vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids to help with blood circulation to muscles, promote protein synthesis, and reduce lean body mass breakdown. prevents fatigue, increases endurance, and prevents hypoglycemia. aids in nutritional support and accelerated healing in post-surgical patients.

PMS & cramps drip | $220

Loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a non-narcotic pain killer that will stop cramps almost immediately.

Menopause drip | $180

Includes highly bio-available vitamins and minerals to re-set your body and help ease common peri- and post-menopausal symptoms.

Libido drip | $195

Chock full of ingredients! minerals, amino acids, vitamins specifically selected to enhance mood, relaxation, and improve blood circulation.

Hangover $165 | Upgrae $210

Hydration, electrolytes, vitamins, and medications for nausea, headaches, and heartburn. Be renewed in just 30 minutes. Upgrade provides glutathione and minerals to clear toxins and reverse damage.

Injections & Add-ons

$28/1mL | $38/2mL


$25/1000mcg | $35/200mcg

B 12



$1 per mg


Time Reversal & Oxidative Repair

Alpha lipoic acid | $55 add-on / $145 solo drip

Add-on or solo drip for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, atherosclerosis, neuropathy, type 2 diabetes, radiation damage, chelation of metals, liver inflammation. extremely beneficial for general anti-aging.

NAD | $395 – 2 hours / $645 – 4 hours

Plays a major role in mitochondrial function (powerhouse of every cell), increasing energy at a cellular level. enhances the efficacy of the vitamins in your infusion. boosts neurologic function, restores mental clarity, may prevent alzheimer’s & dementia. an overall star ingredient which can keep you feeling exceptional for several days.

Ingredient Highlights